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Living a happy life equals living a healthy one. Our world-renowned doctors and plastic surgeons will offer you a one in a lifetime experience in the healthcare realm.


Lose weight safely and effectively. Get rid of all the excess weight and start your journey towards a healthy eating habit and lifestyle now.


Did you always envy that Hollywood smile? We have world-class aesthetic dentistry treatments to give you the perfect bright smile.

Grow back your hair now! Recover your natural hair at Reyap with 100% reliance upon scientific research and satisfaction rate.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Reduce deep facial wrinkles without the need for surgery. Look younger with our simple, effective and low-risk anti-aging treatments.

Upper Body Cosmetic Surgery

Get the attractive look you have always dreamt of! Achieve the more perfect breast shape or improve natural breast size asymmetry.

Lower Body Cosmetic Surgery

Recapture the beauty of self-confidence. Our qualified and experienced surgeons will give your body the perfect shape. Look better and feel attractive.

Weight Loss

Like many others’, my struggle with obesity has been an uphill battle. I’ve done many crash diets to lose weight only to regain more soon after. Over the years, I became ever more discouraged and depressed because of my weight problems. I am beyond grateful to M.D. Kadayifci’s encouragement and positive attitude. He reassured me on every last detail of my weight loss procedure and took great care of me to the end of my stay at Reyap.

I appreciate the attentive care I received from every staff member. I felt surrounded by kindness. It gave me great comfort and great results as well! Forever grateful to Reyap team.

  • Doanne Housee, 29 years old

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Our world-renowned doctors will offer you a one in a lifetime experience in the healthcare realm. The most experienced bariatric and plastic surgeons/doctors in Turkey and beyond


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M.D. Mirhan Tosun

Surgeon General

Dr. Abdurrahman Kadayifçi

Surgeon General

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