Reyap Hospital

Reyap Hospital is the best choice regarding your well being and living a healthy life. With qualified physicians and allied medical, technical and administrative personnel, Reyap Hospital offers you a high-quality healthcare service, using the newest modern technology and surgical techniques.

About Us

Reyap Hospital offers health care services in Turkey, with the most advanced types of equipment and the newest procedures and methods. At Reyap Hospital, you will find a very special environment that provides clinical and senior administrative staff. 

Our doctors are professionals and medical specials with mayor respect for each patient, a friendly behavior, and superb academic knowledge that can tread a wide range of health issues.
Our surgeons carry out all kinds of operations involving general surgery by applying the newest modern technology and surgical techniques.
At Reyap, it is essential to know that we give great importance to universal human values and patient privacy protection.


The main goal of Reyap Hospital is to be the ideal organization in the international area. 

Opening doors for patients coming from home and abroad, our mission is to make sure patients get absolute satisfaction. We aim to provide a high-quality health service to all our patients by having on-service an experienced team, a modern infrastructure, and the latest updates of technological applications.


Reyap Hospital’s goals are to provide safety, make patients feel secure, and provide high-quality medical care.
We are working with medical specialists and professionals; their experience at our hospital will make these specialists the ones who will lead to the future.
We maintain a satisfying and friendly relationship with our patients while informing them about their health care needs and treatment options; our goal is to make them feel home.


Our vision is to provide high-quality healthcare services to our patients. With our professional staff and advanced equipment, our vision is to be life-changers for the better. Bringing happiness to our patient’s life, comfort, and confidence. We focus on fulfilling all the needs of our patients, also offering value and trust.


Reyap Hospital has a professional and highly experienced team that has managed to stay by each patient’s health journey from the beginning until the end. 

As a trusted and respected hospital, our core values lie in our reliability, excellent service, privacy protection, scientific and rational service, conscious teamwork, professionalism service, openness to innovation, and above all, warmth and friendliness.