What Are the Most Common Types of Dental Care Procedure?

As the saying goes, a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks. Thus, to let the people notice and see you through, you have to wear your best smile always. However, dental issues could be one of the few problems why one chose to keep his/her precious smile from the world. Luckily, there are dental procedures that can help you escape from these dental issues.

The kind of dental procedure you would need depends on your teeth condition. Your toothaches root from a handful of problems your teeth could be suffering. But whatever it is, your dentist is the only one who can help you determine the actual problem and the solution that would best suit you.

1.    Teeth Whitening

–    Discoloration or staining is the most common problem that people are facing when it comes to their teeth. Nonetheless, this issue can be easily solved with a dental procedure called teeth whitening or professional teeth bleaching. This common type of work can be done in-office or at home. Of course, the whitening done by the dentist produces long-lasting, safe, and immediate results than those done at home.

2.    Cavity Filling

–    A filling is one of those dental procedures usually performed at the office. Once checked by a dentist, he/she can examine which cavity holes must be filled. Through a white composite material or a silver metal, the tooth will be sealed off. The filling also solves problems with broken or cracked teeth.

3.    Veneers

–    With the advancement in technology, dental imperfections can easily be covered up with thin ceramic pieces bonded at the front of teeth. Surfaces, which are widely used mainly by celebrities, produce a complete teeth look one would surely boast.

4.    Dental Crowns

–    If you have severe dental issues where your teeth had decayed a lot, know that a dental crown could be your best option. Porcelain or acrylics are the materials that make up custom made crowns. If you have undergone a root canal procedure, caps can also help strengthen your teeth. They last for five to eight years, but proper caring could make them last longer.

5.    Root Canal

–    It’s not easy to endure the prolonged, soring pain from teeth that are already decayed from the roots. Thus, there’s a need to bear that one-time pain when you are to take the root canal work. Dentists do dig a hole in the middle of the tooth, so they could reach the roots and draw off the materials inside. Then, the gap would be cleaned and stuffed with a permanent filling to obstruct the way. Often, dentists would suggest a crown at the top of concerning teeth.

6.    Extraction

–    In some cases, the dentists might not be able to recover teeth that’s been severely damaged or decayed from cavities. The only procedure left to this problem is the extraction method described as removing a tooth entirely. For sure, this dental procedure is the only option, especially for those who are on a tight budget. But extraction is only suggested if there is no hope for the tooth to be saved.

7.    Dental Implants

–    The last thing you would wish is a missing tooth getting into your daily routines. A great job, implant procedures are already available to fill those gaps and holes that prevent you from smiling. They are made out of titanium, are permanent, and function like regular teeth. It could be costly, but it could serve you better and longer than the other mentioned works.

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